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Friends Only

This journal is Friends Only but... Mel-chanuu is very easy going and stuff , so all you really have to do is comment to be added. Yes, yes, that's right! XD. However... there are a few teensy tiny requirements.

1] nO sTiCkY cApS. EVER. You wanna make me go insane? Yes? You shouldn't be here, then. XD.
2] Don't add me to have more friends appear on your list. ^_^
3] You have to respect who I am, what I talk like, and what I believe in. There will be zero tolerance to flaming of any sort. This carries over into all my friend's journals as well. If you insult them, you insult me.
4] I don't expect you to comment constantly, but a few here or there would be nice. Or AIM messages are good too. I like to talk to the people who are reading my journal once in a while.
5] If you love Inuyasha (and Fred and George Weasley as of 6/28/03) a ton and are not willing to accept the fact that I obsess over them 24/7, leave now. ^_^
6] No excessive swearing or tons and tons of profanity in your journal. I really don't like reading that sort of thing.

But I'm really not scary, so don't be afraid to talk once in a while. O_o; Also, I talk in third person and add suffixes to your names of my choosing. Ta~haa... XD.
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